Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tellico River Fishing Report

The water flows are perfect on the Tellico right now. Crystal clear and the temps are on the rise. The DH season will end shortly and the fish will certainly be taking notice of the upcoming hatches, especially on the upper section of the river.
The quill gordons are our first hatch of any significance. They are eaten with reckless abandon by the many wild and native trout that inhabit the river. The stockers catch on eventually, but the "locals" go crazy for them right away.
North River is one stream that really is a dry flyers dream. This stream is not stocked and the trout are wild and hungry. All the trout are born and bred on this river, and they certainly know what a quill gordon looks like. They wait all winter long to see them make their return to the dinner table. It is not uncommon to have a 50 fish day on this stream during a good hatch. That's not too shabby for dry fly work!

Hiwassee River Fishing Report

We are finally back to a 2 generator flow on the Hiwassee. At least the equivalent of a 2 generator flow, that is. Work on the generators is still underway with a new scheduled finish date to be March 19. The water has been great and the fishing even better during all this construction and maintenance that TVA has put us through this winter. It's really fished lights out for us, so we have no complaints at all, despite being skeptical at first.
Streamers and nymphs continue to be the top producers. Not going to give away any special patterns this time, but rest assured your timeless favorites will continue to draw attention from the hungry trout. If the presentation is good, they will eat. That's how it has been all winter long. Unbelievable fishing, that's for sure. Hope you got to enjoy it also over the last couple of months.
Evidently the word is out about the Hiwassee and its "bouncing back" as a great brown trout fishery. It has had a rough spell over the last few years, but all signs point to it being on the mend. The calls have been coming in for guided trips and the people seem to be very excited to have heard the good news about the river. Lots of "old" clients have already booked their dates to check it out for themselves. Some of these folks have fished the river for many, many years and remember it as a great trophy fishery in years past. They can't wait to try it again. It may take awhile, but I think we are at least on the right road to recovery. Many nice browns were brought to the boat this winter, that much I know for sure.

Now Offering Guided Hiking Trips!

In an effort to become your one stop shop for all your outdoor adventures in East TN, we are now offering guided hiking trips. These trips are available for all skill levels and can vary greatly depending on your wants and needs. It's a great way to introduce your kids to the outdoors! Contact us for details or to discuss your customized day of hiking.

Some of the scenery encountered on our guided hikes

Spring is Here!

Yes, it's finally here. That time of year that all anglers anxiously await. Time to dust off the fly rods and see what this years adventures on the water will bring. Luckily, it has already began to look promising on some of our local streams.
The Delayed Harvest season will soon be history for this area and the crowds of fishermen will once again be upon us. The quiet weekends on the Tellico River will be only a fading memory, but the fishing and outdoor "atmosphere" will be alive and well in this part of the world. Lots of fish being caught and lots of lies being told over the next few months, that's for sure. This promises to be a great season. Don't miss it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tellico River Report

As many of you are aware, judging by the phone calls, the Tellico River was in flood stage last week due to receiving 8 inches of rain over a 3 day period. I'm happy to report that all is well now and the fishing is back on track.
The delayed harvest section continues to fish well. Water temps have been in the low to mid 40's throughout the day and the fish are back on the feed. I would suggest going in the early afternoon after the sun has had a chance to warm things up. You may even get in some dry fly activity as the baetis and small winter stones have been a favorite food recently. Nothing like rising fish in December!
If you do go, remember to wade carefully and bring some extra clothes just in case. Be careful and enjoy!